I am using sails 0.10.5 and in angular frontend with angular-sails .

It gives an error like below on server side Whenever an api call by $sails.get

In My FrontEnd side controller code :

 io.sails.url = 'http://localhost:1337';

        io.socket.get('http://localhost:1337/admin/v1/user/subscribe', function (body, response) {
            console.log('Sails responded with: ', body);
            console.log('with headers: ', response.headers);
            console.log('and with status code: ', response.statusCode);

and console is

 Sails responded with:  Object {}
app.js:167 with headers:  Object {}
app.js:168 and with status code:  200

But in backend side sails console gives error like this

debug: --------------------------------------------------------
debug: :: Fri Dec 19 2014 10:44:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
debug: Environment : development
debug: Port        : 1337
debug: --------------------------------------------------------
error: Error: 
res.redirect() :: [socket.io] ::
Cannot redirect socket to invalid location :: 'ws://www.undefinedhttp://localhost:1337/admin/v1/user/subscribe'
    at Object.Err.invalidRedirect (C:\wamp\www\i-phone\i-phone\node_modules\sails\lib\hooks\sockets\lib\interpreter\interpret.js:33:14)
    at ResStream.doRedirect (C:\wamp\www\i-phone\i-phone\node_modules\sails\lib\hooks\sockets\lib\interpreter\interpret.js:310:31)
    at C:\wamp\www\i-phone\i-phone\node_modules\sails\lib\hooks\sockets\lib\interpreter\saveSessionAndThen.js:23:7
    at C:\wamp\www\i-phone\i-phone\node_modules\sails\lib\hooks\session\index.js:59:17

My route file is like this :

'get    /admin/v1/user/subscribe': 'UserController.subscribe',

And in UserController.js :

subscribe: function (req, res) {



            // subscribing this socket to User model classroom

            // subscribing this socket to User model instance room



For setting up Socket connection with server:

Include sails.io.js in index.html.
Create a global variable for io.sails.url and you'll need to tell the Sails socket client what URL to connect to:

io.sails.url = 'http://localhost:1337';  

Put this anywhere before you start making socket calls; the library is smart enough to wait until its connected before trying to make the calls.

To Check if Socket is connected,

io.socket.get('http://localhost:1337/data', function (body, response) {
    console.log('Sails responded with: ', body);
    console.log('with headers: ', sailsResponseObject.headers);
    console.log('and with status code: ', sailsResponseObject.statusCode);

You should be able to see in the console whether or not the socket connected by looking for the "io.socket connected successfully." message.

The above code was about setting up socket connection as you requested.
Regarding your problem, Can you please provide some Code

  • I did all the thing as you suggested, but still not working, I have updated my question now you can see ... – Nishchit Dhanani Dec 19 '14 at 13:34

The controller action you posted is clearly not being run (you would see the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa log in your console). Some other code is running and is calling res.redirect with invalid arguments. My first guess would be that you have a policy configured in config/policies.js that is attached to the UserController.subscribe action.


It was little silly mistake.

In my route.js , I am redirecting non WWW request to WWW request .

And socket request start with ws:// tag , thats why it is being also redirect to www.undefined

It is solved by a small condition


  // redirect logic

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