I have created my data layer with EF 6 code first and I am populating the db through Seed method of EvInitializer class inheriting from DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges. The implementation of Seed method is

protected override void Seed(EvContext context)
   //Add other entities using context methods
   ApplicationUserManager manager = new ApplicationUserManager(new UserStore<ApplicationUser>(context));
   var user = new ApplicationUser { Email = "admin@myemail.com" ,UserName = "admin@myemail.com"};
   var result = await manager.CreateAsync(user, "Temp_123");//this line gives error. obviously await cannot be used in non- async method and I cannot make Seed async

My question is how I can add a user in Seed method using UserManager class. when I change var result = awit manager.CreateAsync(user, "Temp_123");
var result = manager.CreateAsync(user, "Temp_123").Result; //or .Wait
the application hangs indefinitely

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In asp.net-identity-2 usermanager has non async methods to create.

var user = new ApplicationUser { Email = "admin@myemail.com", UserName = "admin@myemail.com" };
manager.Create(user, "Temp_123");

Same for rolemanager if you want to create "admin" role.

var roleManager = new RoleManager<IdentityRole>(new RoleStore<IdentityRole>(context));
roleManager.Create(new Role("admin"));

make the user admin

manager.AddToRole(user.Id, "admin");

Edit: As trailmax commented, Create() extension method comes in with Microsoft.AspNet.Identity namespace so do not forget using Microsoft.AspNet.Identity

  • There is no manager.Create method. I have checked from my installed nuget packages and I have version 2.1.0 of Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core. Any ideas? Dec 16, 2014 at 8:34
  • I have 2.1.0 version too in my project and I can navigate to those 2 extension methods. Maybe try re-install packages
    – tmg
    Dec 16, 2014 at 8:51
  • reinstalled the package using Update-Package -reinstall Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core but still there is no synchronous method for creating user in ApplicationUserManager. I am using Identity with web api, if that matters? Dec 16, 2014 at 8:58
  • 1
    the sync versions of classes are extension methods coming from Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserManagerExtensions class. Check your namespace imports.
    – trailmax
    Dec 16, 2014 at 10:33
  • 1
    This works. Curiously Create will not allow spaces in the UserName and fails with out an error. More curiously CreateAsync, as used in the Register method of the AccountsController, does allow spaces.
    – Joe
    Dec 3, 2015 at 23:15

TMG is correct - there are non-async methods available, and that's the easiest way in this particular case.

In general, however - when you you only have an async version of a function available to you, and you can't change the implementation of the method to be Async - you can create a task and wait for it synchronously.

So - instead of:

IdentityResult result = await manager.CreateAsync(user, "Temp_123");

You can code:

Task<IdentityResult> createTask = manager.CreateAsync(user, "Temp_123");

Once the Wait has finished, the IdentityResult gets returned in


You can also set a timeout on the Wait, like this:

Task<IdentityResult> createTask = manager.CreateAsync(user, "Temp_123");
if (!createTask.Wait(5000)) // Wait up to 5 seconds
   // We've timed out waiting - Do some error handling
else if (!createTask.Result.Succeeded)
  // Creating the user failed - Do some error handling

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