I've this:

class A {
  public function __construct()
    include 'file.php';
  bla bla...
  bla bla...
  bla bla...
  bla bla...
  bla bla...
  bla bla...
  bla bla...
new A();

The question is: file.php is a very big data.file and I wanna know if it's loaded when PHP reads construct function or when construct function is called with "new A()";

It' the same for others processes?

It's the same for Javascript?

Thanks a lot


new A() is when that include will be evaluated.

It will happen for every instance of A you create.

If you wanted to ensure that it is only actually included one time, and not every time an A object is created, you can change it to include_once 'file.php';

See: http://php.net/include_once


With the current code that you display the file will be included everytime you call the constructor. In other words, each time you call "new A();"

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