I'm getting this issue while logging in on GitHub on Android Studio:

Can't login: Can't get user info 404: Not found

Has someone faced this issue? How can I get around this?

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I have faced this problem too. Try using token to login.

Log in to github.com on the browser. Go to Settings -> Developer settings -> Personal access tokens. There you can create a new token and then, go back to Android Studio, select Enter Token at the login prompt.

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    Unfortunately, this is the only answer that helped me. Nov 26 '20 at 17:56
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    Same for me, I have no idea what is this happening?
    – atin
    Dec 15 '20 at 10:35
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    It seems Github won't accept user/pass logins anymore (effective from Aug. 13, 2021): github.blog/…. So, better to start using tokens anyway.
    – Mahm00d
    Jan 27 at 10:14
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    be sure to enable "repo", "admin:org", "gist" in order for the token to work Feb 23 at 17:54
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    This is the correct answer now due to login/pass aren't working anymore. Thanks dude!!!
    – juske
    May 9 at 23:22

I'm working on 4.1.1 Android Studio and it didn't allow me to log in with Login + Password neither.

So I succeeded generating a token from Github (Account -> Settings -> Personal access tokens - > Generate new token), but make sure before generating the token to check the "repo", "gist" and "read:org" options.

Everything's working fine from there.

Have fun coding !

  • Now in : "Account -> Settings ->Developer settings ->Personal access tokens - > Generate new token. Jul 23 at 13:04

I use "github.com" as host (not the whole clone url), and my github login and password and can login without any issues.


In host you only have to put 'http://github.com'

Nothing more


you can use Token for login in android studio .

enter image description here

1.go to your github profile

2.click on settings

3.go to Developer settings

4.click on Personal access tokens

5.Generate new token

and copy it and paste it in above window on android studio.

  • This helped me. I think the root cause is that I am using two-step verification and android studio cannot use SMS and my phone to verify the access.
    – lechat
    Jun 27 at 9:36
  • May I know what is the reason use token option is not available on login prompt. Jun 29 at 15:37

For me the problem was that the repository URL was set with http:// but the credential goes to the same URL but with https://. changing the repository URL to https:// solved my problem.


1- Go to your github page,

2- Open Settings menu and create a new token

3- Copy new token

4- Open Androdi studio goto VCS -> import into version control -> Share Project in Git Hub login

5- Use Token option

6- Paste token you created and copied

7- Click login

No need to change url

I am using Android Studio 4.1


So, I know it's been 6 years now, but since I didn't find the solution that worked for me, I decided to share here.

Only step: Go to Settings > Version Control > Git > Mark "Use credential Helper" box and you're done.

Hope this helps someone, thanks.

  • Thank you very much, only your answer helped!
    – MaKaRoN_IV
    Jul 6 at 14:55

If you can't find the access token option in Android Studio

I was simply not able to find the option to add the access token to Android Studio, as the credential was not working.

If you click on the Add Account option as shown below, you won't find the option to enter the access token (bad UI I'll say):

Add Account with no option for access token


Click the small + icon at the bottom of the dialog box to find a menu > choose Log In with Token to find the option.

Generate a token from Github and enter it here. It will be done!
Where to find the access token option


I faced the this issue for my private repository, So in Github I created new access token and given all access for this token. Use this token in Android studio, It worked for me


I'm done with this problem, use the token to login. create tokens in this way; simply checklist on

-repo -admin:org -gist Ceklist Token


Using 'https://github.com/' and my credentials, I get access


From Android Studio.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Github
  3. Make sure you login in using a created Auth Token Key from Github

From Github.

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Go to Developer Mode
  3. Generate a New Token Key and give it all the rights to access Github account
  4. Copy new Generated key into Android Access token and enter OK when done.

You can use token to solve this problem.

Login to GitHub account in browser Go to SETTINGS-> DEVELOPER SETTINGS->PERSONAL ACCESS TOKENS here you can create token with suitable scopes. Remember that selecting scopes is important to access token in android studio. After that just copy the generated token and paste in android studio.

Have a fun with coding!

  • Can I select all the scopes?
    – Mikaware
    May 4 at 13:01

I have face this same issue with both Mac and Windows. Creating a personal access token always solved this issue for me. Sign into github click on on account > setting> Developers Settings > Personal Access Tokens


From Android Studio.

Go to Settings Go to Github Make sure you login in using a created Auth Token Key from Github

From Github website

Go to Settings Go to Developer Settings Generate a New Token Key Give a alias to the Token key Mark repo, admin:org, gist. Click on Generate token button Copy new Generated key into Android Access token and enter OK when done.


Follow the steps ---

  1. Go to file >> setting >> version control >> add account
  2. then login.
  3. If can't login message is displaying then you have to generate the token.
    Go to Settings >> Developer settings >> Personal access tokens.(make sure to check fields like select all repo, select read:org(inside- admin:org), select gist).
  4. When you paste git url use .git at the end of url.
  1. server => github.com to change http://github.com
  2. use access token no password

Generating the Token as explained worked for my perfect. Need to grant the correct permissions to such token.


I deleted all tokens and generated new one with all access, Now it's working...

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