This other question says how to use the OVER clause on sqlalchemy:

Using the OVER window function in SQLAlchemy

But how to do that using ORM? I have something like:

q = self.session.query(self.entity, func.count().over().label('count_over'))

This fails when I call q.all() with the following message:

Ambiguous column name 'count(*) OVER ()' in result set! try 'use_labels' option on select statement

How can I solve this?

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You have the over syntax almost correct, it should be something like this:

import sqlalchemy
q = self.session.query(

Example from the docs:

from sqlalchemy import over
over(func.row_number(), order_by='x')

SQLAlchemy Query object has with_entities method that can be used to customize the list of columns the query returns:

Model.query.with_entities(Model.foo, func.count().over().label('count_over'))

Resulting in following SQL:

SELECT models.foo AS models_foo, count(*) OVER () AS count_over FROM models

You got the functions right. They way to use them to produce the desired result would be as follows:

from sqlalchemy import func
q = self.session.query(self.entity, func.count(self.entity).over().label('count_over'))

This will produce a COUNT(*) statement since no Entity.field was specified. I use the following format:

from myschema import MyEntity
from sqlalchemy import func
q = self.session.query(MyEntity, func.count(MyEntity.id).over().label('count'))

That is if there is an id field, of course. But you get the mechanics :-)

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