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I'm developing an embedded project and I need to connect Arduino and Raspberry pi because I want to control Arduino with Raspberry Pi over the serial port. My question is how can I get the Arduino port in Linux dynamicaly with python?

My python program will loop sending commands to Arduino and I don't want to lose communication if someone connects and disconnects the Arduino.

Thanks for any help. Zulin

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You can do it like this:

def get_serial_port():
    return "/dev/"+os.popen("dmesg | egrep ttyACM | cut -f3 -d: | tail -n1").read().strip()

Then you can just connect with arduino doing:

device = serial.Serial(get_serial_port(), baudrate=9600, timeout=3)

(assuming you are using the default rate 9600, you can just change the params...)

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    os.popen is depreciated since python 2.6, the subprocess module should be used – Padraic Cunningham Dec 16 '14 at 17:46

1st install Pyserial

if you have connected you arduino with you pc, you can see all serial message:

sudo screen /dev/ttyAMC0

now come to python to control arduino:

import serial
ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyACM0', 9600)
ser.write("something")           # this will write "your stuff" to Arduino serial.

now using Cprogram you can read from serial what the input is. And you can command your arduino using python

C pogram to read from Serial and write to serial:

char a[10];
void setup()
void loop()

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