I had specified like,

@foreach (int ans in Model.UnAnsweredList)
    <a href="/Dashboard/GoToAnswer?@ans/">@ans</a>

and its get method given as,

 public ActionResult GoToAnswer(int? number)

Even though the ans is int type, the value does not pass to the method. kindly tell me what should i do.

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When you use query string you need to specify the name of the parameter like name=value (as it's a key-value dictionary, so you cannot omit the parameter's name).

You need to change you link to this:

@foreach (int ans in Model.UnAnsweredList)
    <a href="/Dashboard/GoToAnswer?number=@ans">@ans</a>

But in fact, you should better use an Html.ActionLink method as your custom routes will be applied:

@foreach (int ans in Model.UnAnsweredList)
    @Html.ActionLink(ans, "GotToAnswer", "DashBoard", new {number=ans})

If number is not in your routing, you should name the parameter:

<a href="/Dashboard/GoToAnswer?number=@ans/">@ans</a>

If it were in your routing, you wouldn't use the query string:

<a href="/Dashboard/GoToAnswer/@ans/">@ans</a>
  • Values coming after '?' are not treated as route parameters, so even if it were there it would be ingored Dec 17, 2014 at 12:13
  • @VsevolodGoloviznin I know, if it were in routing the URL would be /Dashboard/GoToAnswer/@ans, better printed using an @Html.ActionLink().
    – CodeCaster
    Dec 17, 2014 at 12:14

You can use an ActionLink for that

 @Html.ActionLink(@ans, "GoToAnswer","Dashboard", new {number=@ans})

Try using HTML helpers.

@HTML.ActionLink(ans, "GoToAnswer", "ControllerName", new { number = ans })

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