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Can you please explain me how do i find in a simple way the number of times that a certain string occurs inside a big string? Example:

  string longString = "hello1 hello2 hello546 helloasdf";

The word "hello" is there four times. how can i get the number four. Thanks

EDIT: I would like to know how i find a two word string as well for example:

 string longString = "hello there hello2 hello4 helloas hello there";

I want to know the number of occurrences of "hello there".

EDIT 2: The regex method was the best for me (with the counts) but it does not find a word like this for example: ">word<" . Somehow, if I want to search for a word containing "<>" it skips it. Help?

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just use string.Split() and count the results:

string wordToFind = "hello";

string longString = "hello1 hello2 hello546 helloasdf";
int occurences = longString
                     .Split(new []{wordToFind}, StringSplitOptions.None)
                     .Count() - 1;

//occurences = 4

to answer your edit, just change wordToFind to hello there

string longString = "hello1 hello2 hello546 helloasdf";
var regex = new Regex("hello");

var matches = regex.Matches(longString);
  • Hi, this was the best method for me but when i want a word that contains ">word<" it doesn't find it when it exists. it skips <> please help. thx – Shakshuka Dec 21 '14 at 11:28

to do this with LINQ:

int count = 
    longString.Split(' ')
    .Count(str => str
    .Contains("hello", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase));

The only assumption here is that your longString is delimited by a space.


You can also use Linq to do this.

string longString = "hello1 hello2 hello546 helloasdf";
string target = "hello";
var count = longString.Split(' ').ToList<string>().Count(w => w.Contains(target));

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