I don't remember how SAS deal with these special characters. Any built-in functions?


a = New Year's Day, should I use something like index(a, 'New Year's Day') > 0?

  • you want to check if the string contains an apostrophe or not? – NEOmen Dec 18 '14 at 6:45

The key to this question is the masking of the apostrophe in quotes. If you wish to look for an occurrence of a single apostrophe, you can mask it with double apostrophes:

Looking for single apostrophes

data _NULL_;
  a="New Year's Day";
  put b=;

The single apostrophe is passed as a second argument to the index function, using double quotes.

Looking for double quotes

data _NULL_;
  a='They said, "Happy New Year!"';
  put b=;

This time around, the double quote is set inside single quotes when passed to the index function


mjsqu and NeoMental covered the basic case well, but in the special case where you do not have the option of using " (for example, you need to prevent macro variable resolution), you can double the apostrophe:

data _null_;
  a='MerryXmas&HappyNewYear''s'; *here need single quotes or a macro quoting function;
  b=find(a,"'"); *here do not need to mask ampersand resolution;

Of course you could also use %nrstr to avoid resolution, but there are real life cases where this is occasionally needed. This works with "" similarly (two "" become one character ").


Use "find" command like below to find out what are you looking for is there in the string or not. If the returned value is greater than > 0 then apostrophe or whatever you are looking for is there, otherwise not.

  • Teststring - where you want to look

  • Next to Teststring is "'" - In quotes what are you looking for, in your case apostrophe

data _null_;
TestString="New year's day";
put IsItThere=;


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