I want to save an array of values in cookie. I have a method called add_names. Whenever this method has been called i need to save the name in the cookie. I have tried the below code. But it's not working, it's keeping only the last value.

def add_names(name)
  cookies[:user_names] = name

Please suggest me a idea to do this. Thanks in advance.


Cookies store strings in it. Still if you need to store list of user names you can append names

cookies[:user_names] = '' if cookies[:user_names].nil?
cookies[:user_names] = cookies[:user_names] + "#{value} ,"

The easiest way is to do this:

cookies[:user_names] = @users.map { |user| user.name }

The problem is that in your each loop, you're redefining the value of the :user_names cookie to be a single user.

If you want to append a value to an existing array, then you can do this:

def add_names name
  # Initialize it to an empty array, if not set
  cookies[:user_names] ||= []
  # Then, append the user name
  cookies[:user_names] << name
  • I have just written a sample code. But my actual purpose is, whenever we are calling a method called "add" we should add the name content in the cookie – Can Can Dec 18 '14 at 10:44

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