For a project of mine, I'd like to control (i.e. dim, set on or off) the little LED that sits in front of macbooks (and maybe other Macs, I don't know). Unfortunately there's no API nor help about this on the internet - the only thing I could find was about dimming the keyboard LED. Apart from that, I only know that it would for sure use the SMC chip.
I'm OK if it needs root.


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First thing, I must agree it is duplicate. But things have changed since 2010, and now it is possible to control this LED ! Take a look at xline. It's a project of mine, and it' s able to control the LED, through the SMC. Just take a look at the source code. BTW, I'm first opening a connection to the AppleSMC IOService using IOKit, then I'm setting the LSOO key in the SMC to 01. 00 shuts the LED down. And I use LSSB key to make it breathe, like when the MacBook is sleeping.

  • Thanks for your quick answer ! I took a look at your code and tried it - it works to set on off, but making it blink doesn't work. Any idea ? Dec 18, 2014 at 16:31
  • Honestly, no. Never had this problem when testing. May I have more details ? (Such as your mac model, OSX version)
    – Perceval
    Dec 19, 2014 at 21:18

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