The documentation suggests not. There is more information on their task definition page, including a mysql example, where a data volume is usually a reasonably good idea i.e.:

  "image": "mysql",
  "name": "db",
  "cpu": 10,
  "memory": 500,
  "essential": true,
  "entryPoint": [
  "environment": [
      "name": "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD",
      "value": "pass"
  "portMappings": []

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Yes, see the docs. They are configured as a part of an ECS Task Definition. Here is an article describing how to use them.


Volumes are not supported at the moment. But AWS seems to be working on this feature.


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    This answer was right at that moment but is obsolete now. Jul 16, 2017 at 18:43

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