I'm basically trying to save all current css properties of an element in a local var/array. I tried :




With no luck.

Is there any quick tip do to so ?


i have updated the answer to be more efficent also providing a working demo...

    $(function() {
        // element tag example p and element id
        function get_element_style(element, id){
            var css = {};
            $('<iframe id="get-style-'+id+'" style="display:none"/>').appendTo('body');
            $el = $('#get-style-'+id).contents().find('body').find(element);
            var defaults_css = $el.getStyles();
            var element_css = $('#'+id).getStyles();
            for (var i in element_css) {
                if (element_css[i] !== defaults_css[i]) {
                    css[i] = element_css[i];
            return css;

        var properties = get_element_style('p', 'test-p');


the problem when getting the style of an element is that you don't get just setted value but also the default values. with this code i'm trying to get just the setted values of an element. this work both with inline style as well as with <style> and <link>

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    This will only get CSS properties specified inline. Anything coming from an external CSS file or <style> tag won't show up. – Justin Morgan Apr 12 '13 at 16:40

Do you mean:



Also, this might interest you:

How can I get list of all element css attributes with jQuery?

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  • Doesn't your code assume all CSS styling is performed inline or through JS? – dclowd9901 May 3 '10 at 15:45

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