When I try to build my ASP.NET MVC4 application I get the following error: Unable to find version '' of package 'MySql.Data.Entity.EF6'.

To my knowledge all packages are up to date. I have MySQL.Data, MySQL.Data.Entity, MySQL.Data.Entity.EF6, MySQL.Web (all versions

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At a minimum you will need a reference to the MySql.Data.Entity.EF6 assembly in your application's \bin\ folder. If your list of installed packages is indeed complete, you may also require MySQL for Visual Studio 1.1.1 and MySQL Connector/Net.

Any search engine could get you links for these; I've found an excellent set of step-by-step instructions on the MySql forums at How to start using Entity Framework 6 with MySQL databases.

  • It was some kind of bug with VisualStudio-2013. Finally the problem resolved after I removed the entry for MySql.Data.Entity.EF6 from Packages.config.
    – Sujoy
    Dec 24, 2014 at 5:36

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