I am trying to install maven on my Windows 8 machine. When I go to cmd and type mvn, the terminal gives me the following error.

Error: JAVA_HOME is set to an invalid directory
JAVA_HOME = NOTE: this is the location of the jdk file in my programs files on my c drive.
Please set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the location of your Java installation.


it is because of wrong file path,you might have given /bin too, you can set JAVA_HOME to where the JDK is installed C:\Programfiles\Java\jdk1.7


The issue is becuase path is not set corrected.

Make sure that the directory "\apache-maven-x.x.x\bin" is on your command search path.

Make sure that the `JAVA_HOME` variable refers to the home directory for your Java installation. If you are executing Java from "c:\program files\jdk\bin", then the JAVA_HOME variable needs to point to "c:\program files\jdk".
  • Are you serious and using Maven 2.2.0 ? Not really? Maven 3.2.5 has been released...please upgrade...Maven 2 End Of Life. – khmarbaise Dec 21 '14 at 12:32

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