I want put in a selected list labels the name and surname of people of an EF model. I've tried with this:

public ActionResult Insert()
            ViewData["accountlist"] = new SelectList(time.Anagrafica_Dipendente.ToList(), "ID_Dipendente", "Surname Name", null);             
            Giustificativi g = new Giustificativi();
            return View(g);

but VS returns an error, because there isn't a attribute called "surname name". how can i concat the name and surname in the selectlist label?



you could do something like this:

ViewData["accountlist"] = 
    new SelectList((from s in time.Anagrafica_Dipendente.ToList() select new { 
        FullName = s.Surname + " " + s.Name}), 
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    This technique also allows combining properties from different linked objects. eg FullName = s.Parent.Surname + s.Name – Josh Oct 19 '14 at 23:54

Add a new property to time.Anagrafica_Dipendente which will represent the concatenation of the two properties:

public string Fullname 
        return string.Format("{0} {1}", Surname, Name);

and then use this:

ViewData["accountlist"] = new SelectList(

Update: As of C# 6.0, the property can be more concisely written as:

public string Fullname => string.Format("{0} {1}", Surname, Name);

Learn more about expression-bodied properties here.

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    In order for that to work, Fullname would have to be a member of time.Anagrafica_Dipendente. – Robert Harvey May 3 '10 at 14:39
  • i can't believe i couldn't think of that my self, simple and elegant, love it! – Ben Apr 13 '12 at 8:21
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    Or even more succinctly using public string Fullname => $"{Surname} {Name}"; – Dan Diplo Aug 11 '17 at 12:38

I was looking for this answer and my easy way is adding a NotMapped attribute, this is my code:

public string FullName
         return Name + " " + LastName;

Then you can use the normal way in the controller, this is my code, Owner the the foreign key related to AspNetUsers

ViewBag.Owner = new SelectList(db.AspNetUsers, "Id", "FullName", product.Owner);

On view

<select asp-for="AccountId" 
            asp-items='new SelectList(from x in Accounts select new { Value = x.AccountId ,Text = x.Name + " " + x.Surname}, "Value","Text")'></select>

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