I'm using jade with gulp to generate a static html prototype but having problems with relative links to assets like css files from jade templates located in subdirectories.

As this is a prototype and team members should be able to take a look at it quickly,

  • the files should be usable out of the box by using just a browser with no further configuration
  • no server is used
  • the files should be viewable on different machines

Project Structure

The source folder structure is like this:

|  `--second.jade
|  |--layout.jade
|  `--head.jade

first.jade and second.jade both extend layout.jade.

layout.jade includes the partial head.jade, which contains a relative link to styles.css:

  link(rel='stylesheet', href='css/styles.css')

gulp generates this structure (which is how I want the project to be structured, so this shouldn't change):

|  `--second.html

Problems with this approach

  1. The relative link to the css does not work for second.html as it is in a subdirectory. The link in the rendered html is

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/styles.css">

    but it should be this in order to work:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="../css/styles.css">

  2. I have to use different extend statements in first.jade and second.jade, which is not a real problem but rather annoying.


    extends templates/layout.jade


    extends ../templates/layout.jade

Possible solution (which quite doesn't fit)

One solution to problem one could be to use a base tag in head.jade like this:


This works perfectly, but only on my machine, and only if I leave the project folder at the current location. This won't work for anyone else as the path used in the base tag will not be found on their machine.


Is there some clever way to solve problem one with just using jade? Bonus for problem two...

It seems to me that the problem at hand should be a very common one, so I might have overlooked it in the docs or something.

This is what I came up with: Using the base tag in combination with jade variables.

head.jade now includes a block containing a variable to set the base path with a default value of '.':

block basetag
  -var base = '.'

  link(rel='stylesheet', href='css/styles.css')

This works for all templates in the root directory by default.

For all templates in a subdirectory, the base variable can be set to '../' like this:

extends ../templates/layout.jade
block basetag
  -var base = '../'

I got function to make relative path from dividing slash with current path.

    // Count depth directory hierarchy
    var depth = (relativePath.match(/\//g) || []).length;
    var relativeRoot = new Array(depth + 1).join( '../' );

visit my repo

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