I'm following this simple tutorial http://beanio.org/
Toward the end says you can use an annotated class instead of an XML file. I did that and in my factory.load() I pass the value with the name of my annotated class. and I get am org.xml.sax.SAXParseException. I believe this is caused because its expecting an XML file.

What method I need to use to pass my annotated class instead of an XML?


In order to use a mapping class instead of an XML you only have to add the following code

StreamFactory factory = StreamFactory.newInstance();
StreamBuilder builder = new StreamBuilder("") // Your file
    .parser(new DelimitedParserBuilder(',')) // Sign to  use as a delimiter
    .addRecord(Yourclass.class); // class to be mapped 


This way an XML file is not need it at all.


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