So I'm creating a Java project and I want to include a set of libraries in a JAR.

My project is setup like so:


I'm not sure how to include the jars into my Main.java file without having add the class path in when I compile it:

java -cp libs/*;. Main.java

Is this anyway to do this dynamically? My Main.java extends a class in one of the jars so I can't load the classes within the Main class.


You set-up your jar file classpath at compile time; and Adding Classes to the JAR File's Classpath explains (in part)

You specify classes to include in the Class-Path header field in the manifest file of an applet or application. The Class-Path header takes the following form:

 Class-Path: jar1-name jar2-name directory-name/jar3-name

So create a text file for your Manifest.txt with your Class-Path header and then (again from the linked Oracle Tutorial)

jar cfm MyJar.jar Manifest.txt MyPackage/*.class

For me, I like to create a batch file like below in windows

@echo off
REM set any custom classpath 
SET classpath=.\;.\properties

REM load all libraries in specific directory
SET libpath=.\lib
FOR %%i IN (%libpath%\*.jar) DO call set classpath=%%classpath%%;%%i

java -cp %classpath% org.test.MyTest

Or bash script in unix based operating system

#set any custom classpath

#load all libraries in specified directory
for i in ./lib/*.jar
export classpath
java -cp $classpath org.test.MyTest

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