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I have name String : abc edf

i want to display fist letter of the all word in capital like : Abc Edf

how to do it ?

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As mentioned in the comments, there are many answers to this question. Just for fun I wrote my own method real quick. Feel free to use it and/or improve it:

public static String capitalizeAllWords(String str) {
    String phrase = "";
    boolean capitalize = true;
    for (char c : str.toLowerCase().toCharArray()) {
        if (Character.isLetter(c) && capitalize) {
            phrase += Character.toUpperCase(c);
            capitalize = false;
        } else if (c == ' ') {
            capitalize = true;
        phrase += c;
    return phrase;


String str = "this is a test message";


This Is A Test Message
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Check org.apache.commons.lang.WordUtils


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