I want to check if browser still exists and if it isn't then i want to open a new browser! Is there a api available in webdriver to check if the browser still exists?

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After calling driver.close() the value of driver is set to

FirefoxDriver: firefox on WINDOWS(4b4ffb1e-7c02-4d9c-b37b-310c771492ac)

But if you call driver.quit() then it sets the value of driver to

FirefoxDriver: firefox on WINDOWS (null)

So if you're checking the browser window after calling driver.quit() then you will be able to know by below implementation.

WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();

System.out.print("All Browser windows are closed ");
//open a new Browser
  • This is a terrible idea. Checking the toString method of anything to determine application logic is shooting yourself in the foot. – gzm0 Jul 2 '17 at 21:05
  • @gzm0 Any better idea? I can't find any api to check the status. – user1686407 Feb 14 at 8:10

There is no api for it. The best one, you can do is call toString method, which returns a string like this:

SafariDriver . . . null

Then you can call contains method, which does check in the string null is there.

Note that this will work only if the quit is been called.

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