I am new to sails.js and trying to develop a simple app on a remote sandbox server. When I do 'sails lift' to test running the app, I cannot access it by 'localhost'.

I am wondering what's the right way of running sails on a specific IP during development. I tried 'sails lift --ip xxx.xxx.xx.xx', but it does not work, and the documentation on this seems lacking.

Does anyone know how to run sails.js on an IP without needing deployment?

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You need to use local.js in config directoty to add this config: { host: your_ip, port: your_port }

Or add port and host in config/env/development.js


For anyone looking for Sails 1.x, as host is deprecated in new version, so new name for specifying host is, "explicitHost".

So one can mention in config/env/development.js

explicitHost: 'your_ip_Address'

port: 'your_port_number'

For more, sails documentation for these kind of settings

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