Why can I not create the following, with an anonymous field?

type T1 struct {
    T1_Text string

type T2 struct {
    T2_Text string

used in func ..

t := T2{
    T2_Text: "Test",
    T1{T1_Text: "Test"},

Gives me: mixture of field:value and value initializers?

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    The syntax is just off: T1: T1{...}. – twotwotwo Dec 23 '14 at 19:34
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    Yeps, thank you – Chris G. Dec 23 '14 at 19:42

A brief explanation.

The reason you get that is because you are allowed to only use one of the two types of initializers and not both.

i.e. you can either use field:value or value.

Using your example you either do


t := T2{
    T2_Text: "Test",
    T1: T1{T1_Text: "Test"},

or only values

t := T2{

Hope that explains the why


Missing the attribute name T1 for assignment.

t := T2{
    T2_Text: "Test",
    T1:      T1{T1_Text: "Test"},

P.S. Just moved @twotwotwo's comment to an answer.

  • I am facing similar issue, gettign an error - prog.go:30:13: undefined: Principal package main import ( "fmt" ) type Service string type NameType struct { First string Last string Principal Service } type UserType struct { NameType Username string } func main() { fmt.Println("Hello, playground") user := UserType{ NameType: NameType{ First: "Eduardo", Last: "Nunes", Principal: Principal{ Service: "Service name", }, }, Username: "esnunes", } fmt.Println("Hello, playground ", user) } – Dattatray Mar 6 at 15:09

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