I needed this:

Plugin.MetaDataType[] fields =
  ((System.Collections.ArrayList) parameters["fields"])

Where Plugin.MetaDataType is a public enum of integer values in Plugin and parameters["fields"] is an ArrayList, but is seen as an object.

This yields an exception: "At least one element in the source array could not be cast down to the destination array type." Even though the source array only contains int elements and the enum of integer values.

The code above doesn't work, but the code below does, even though I think it should do the exact same thing. Why doesn't the code above work, but the code below does?

System.Collections.ArrayList al = (System.Collections.ArrayList)parameters["fields"];
Plugin.MetaDataType[] fields = new Plugin.MetaDataType[al.Count];
for (int i = 0; i < al.Count; i++)
  fields[i] = (Plugin.MetaDataType)al[i];
  • I don't know what API that is, but FYI, ArrayList has been obsolete for a decade. You should use List<T> if you have a choice. – John Saunders Dec 23 '14 at 23:46
  • Thanks, but I'm using the API and it yields an ArrayList, so I have to deal with it, but I'll pass that on. – Grismar Dec 23 '14 at 23:48
  • 3
    Wow! Mind saying which API? It clearly hasn't been updated in a long time. – John Saunders Dec 23 '14 at 23:51
  • Can you produce a short but complete program demonstrating the problem? – Jon Skeet Dec 23 '14 at 23:56
  • can you post the StackTrace ? it would help if we know which method throws the exception – Selman Genç Dec 24 '14 at 0:03

You can explicitly cast an int to an enum value, but the ArrayList.ToArray method won't cast int values to enum values.

The ArrayList has to contain values of the enum type for the ArrayList.ToArray method to allow the casting to the enum type.

You can use the Cast method to do the explicit casting for you instead of looping the items yourself:

Plugin.MetaDataType[] fields =
  • are you sure? the documentation says All of the objects in the ArrayList object will be cast to the Type specified in the type parameter. – Selman Genç Dec 24 '14 at 0:04
  • That answers it perfectly - I was unaware of the inability to cast to enum and the code that did work threw me for a loop in that respect. I'll update the original with the working line. – Grismar Dec 24 '14 at 0:09
  • @Selman22: For value types the casting is actually unboxing, and you can only unbox a value as the exact same type. This isn't only a limitation for enums, for example you can't use .ToArray(typeof(long)) on an ArrayList containing int values although there is even an implicit conversion. – Guffa Dec 24 '14 at 0:17
  • Then why the second code works? it casts the boxed int to enum type. – Selman Genç Dec 24 '14 at 0:19

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