I have some Underscore.js template that renders completely fine, except, the function called inside that template is undefined. For example:

<span class='<% checkClass(oldValue, newValue) %>'>

The function itself works completely fine outside the template and returns the class name as expected. Does Underscore templates have their our scope?

UPD: That's how template is defined and called:

function checkClass() {... return 'Something' ...}

pData = [Object]; //Just for reference

var rowsTpl = _.template("<span class='<% checkClass(oldValue, newValue) %>'>");

_.each(pData, function (vals, name) {

    prOutput = rowsTpl(vals);


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    Can you please add how you render/call this template? Note: you've to explicitly pass data and functions as object to the template (including any function you may use). – try-catch-finally Dec 26 '14 at 12:25
  • Sure, updated in original post. Documentation is, probably, not much clear about it? Can you tell a bit more about it? Is there a way to pass multiple objects? – Benjamin Dean Dec 26 '14 at 12:32

Just figured out (as I think) the right way. In my case, I have to pass my own object to template, including the needed functions or data:

var rowsTpl = _.template("<span class='<% func.checkClass(val.oldValue, val.newValue) %>'>");

Notice, that I am accessing checkClass function from func object and oldValue and newValue from val object. Here is the declaration:

_.each(pData, function (vals, name) {

    outPut += rowsTpl({
        name: name,
        val: vals,
        func: {
            checkClass: checkClass,
            anyOtherThing: thing


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