I am currently writing a plugin-based server for the VK social network. The plugin system is YAPSY, and the process is being backgrounded using os.fork().

I have written a file server plugin for the said server. It works just fine after I launch it, but when I close the terminal session I used to launch it (I run it as root), the LIST command, which used to return the file/folder list just fine, begins to throw [Errno 5] Input/output error.

I am using os.listdir for getting the folder content as follows:

elif cmd == u'list':
            flist = os.listdir(self.cwd+'/'+('' if len(args)==0 else args[0]))
            otp = "Listing of "+(self.cwd.replace(self.topdirpath, "<root>") if len(args) == 0 else self.cwd.replace(self.topdirpath, "<root>")+"/"+args[0])+':\n'
            num = 0
            for fi in flist:
                otp += "["+str(num)+"] "+('-DIR- ' if os.path.isdir(self.cwd+'/'+('' if len(args)==0 else args[0])+'/'+fi) else '')+str(fi)+"\n"
                num += 1
            self.fSay(otp,vk,'200 LIST OK')
            return True

(filesvr.py Line 154)

While I didn't close the SSH session that I started the server from, it works just fine:

>> #$list
<< Listing of <root>:
[0] -DIR- AniArt
[1] -DIR- gifs
[2] -DIR- inbox

However once I log off SSH, things go weird:

>> #$list
<< libakcore longpoll server
There was an error processing your request. More info:
[Errno 5] Input/output error

Since no change was done to the folder contents, and it is accessible manually from the same user, I have no idea except for that the problem is in either os.fork() or os.listdir() or possibly both at the same time. However it is certain that it doesn't matter whether I call it from a separate thread or right from the forked-off server thread.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Apparently it turned out to be related to the print command!

Everything my server sent to me using the fSay went to the fLog as well. Wrapping the print inside fLog made all problems go away.

Things get really weird sometimes.

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