I have generated graph image in Wolfram Language using CompleteGraph function (and Image function, of course). How do I remove vertices from the image, so that only edges are visible. Setting VertexSize to 0 didn't help, because the edges don't go all the way to vertices, but they end near the vertex.
My current code is:

graph := CompleteGraph[4, VertexSize -> {0,0}, ImageSize -> 500]
img := Image[graph]

But that makes the vertices look ugly.
How do I make the vertices disappear?

  • If you look at FullForm[ Show[ CompleteGraph[ 4, VertexSize->{ 0,0 }, ImageSize->500] ] ] you see the top part of that is Line[ bunch of endpoints of line segments ] where each line segment is one of your edges. Note that the line segments do not meet up. Could you imagine extracting that Line[ .. ] and writing a little code to tweak those endpoints so they meet and then rebuilding and displaying the result? – Bill Dec 26 '14 at 19:29
  • Thank you, that's good idea – Jakub Tětek Dec 27 '14 at 11:23

You can use VertexShapeFunction and EdgeShapeFunction

    graph := CompleteGraph[4, VertexShapeFunction -> None, 
  EdgeShapeFunction -> "Line", ImageSize -> 500]

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