In my current spring-boot project, the header for my views have the following instruction:

<a sec:authorize="hasRole('admin')" th:href="@{/home}">...</a>

which is not working when I run the application and open the view in the browser (even when the user has the role). In the same view, I also use sec:authorize="isAuthenticated()" and sec:authorize="isAnonymous()", both working fine. In my java code, I have some methods with this annotation:


which working fine, too. Why this is not working in the view? Anyone can tell me what's wrong here?


Because you must add a "ROLE_" before your rolename.

Like this:


The ROLE_ prefix should not be necessary as of Spring 3 I believe.

Try using hasAuthority('admin') instead of hasRole(). The difference between the two is descriped in this post

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