iPhone simulator doesn't work. Displays error message:

The file “Logs” couldn’t be saved in the folder “Library” because a file with the same name already exists.

When /Logs dir is empty, simulator creates subdir CoreSimulator/[AppID] and dispalys the above message. It's fresh OS X Yosemite, installed on new Mac Mini.

Any idea how to fix this issue ?

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Try to reset the Ios Simulator settings it worked for me!

iOS Simulator -> Reset Content and Settings...

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  • It works for me! kinda simple solution! – Wooseong Kim Jun 30 '15 at 8:39

Just to make it more clear (In addition to @storm's answer):

enter image description here

  • Where is this simulator? Inside Xcode? I am facing the same problem here. Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '~/Library/Logs/CoreSimulator/2B863330-D5E8-4DB4-B63E-599E290B3845/system.log' [ERROR] An error occurred while running cordova run ios --buildFlag=-UseModernBuildSystem=0 -lc (exit code 1). – franzisk Sep 25 '18 at 12:21

I suspect that you manually deleted ~/Library/Logs/CoreSimulator and the error message is because the sim is failing to create the ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices//data/Library/Logs symlink because it already exists.

You should be able to get out of this situation by resetting the device by running 'xcrun simctl erase [udid]'


I solved this (Xcode 7.1) with:

find ~/Library/Developer/XCPGDevices -name Logs* -exec rm -fr {} \;

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