As I know PCR stored in 42bits and PTS stored in 33bits in mpegts container


 Max value for PCR is 2^42 = 4398046511104

 Max value for PTS is 2^33 = 8589934592

 PCR (sec) = 4398046511104 / 27 000 000 Hz = 162890,6 seconds (45 hours)

 PTS (sec) = 8589934592 / 90 000 Hz = 95443,7 seconds (26,5 hours)

So, what I must to do, if PTS or PCR reach one of this max values ?

This can be happening in iptv for continuous stream


Just let it overflow and continue to write the low 33 bits. The demuxer will know how to handle it.


Max value for PCR is 2^42 = 4398046511104

This is not true. Please refer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/36810049/6244249

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