Can anyone recommend any good add-ons/plugins for Microsoft Visual Studio? Freebies are preferred, but if it is worth the cost then that's fine.

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  • PVS-Studio Static Code Analyzer for C, C++ and C#: viva64.com/en/pvs-studio – user965097 Nov 12 '16 at 17:24
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A lot of the mentioned Addins are used by me on a regular basis. Here are just a few I I estimate, too:

All three are free and highly recommended (by me).


I 2nd VisualAssist, been using it since V6, can't live without it...

I see no one has mentiond CoolCommands: http://geekswithblogs.net/brians/archive/2007/03/04/107922.aspx

Great set of time savers...


definetly +1 for VisualAssistX (cannot work without it anymore & it's worth all the money) and +1 for VisualSVN


Visual Assist: you cannot live without it!


I found Code Rocket to be very useful - http://www.getcoderocket.com/

From their website: "Code Rocket is an innovative tool that reveals the inner workings of C#, ... and C/C++ code, for Visual Studio... It makes documentation a seamlessly integrated part of the software development process, plugging directly into your development IDE with minimal overheads, delivering powerful benefits from day one."


JustDecompile from telerik. Now that Reflector is no longer free. Its a necessity when digging through supplied libraries.


I like ReSharper, too! It's affordable if you're a student or otherwise connected to an university.

For interaction with SVN I'll prefer AnkhSVN.

.. and of course for connecting to TeamFoundation Server there's the Visual Studio Team Explorer


Dispatch for FTP is what Copy Web Site should have been.

This just came out but I like it a lot: Mindscape File Explorer

VisualSVN is excellent for SVN integration. Much better than Ankh (have not tried Ankh 2+ though)

SonicFileFinder for looking up files or classes quickly. Supports searching just the upper case parts of a camel-cased type name

Web Deployment Projects by Microsoft for precompiling web site projects


I use a lot the Fogbguz plug in but well you need to use Fogbugz first !!!


+1 for VisualSVN being better than AnkhSVN, having tried both, and +1 for the FogBugz Add-in.


Ghost Docs

GhostDoc is a free add-in for Visual Studio that automatically generates XML documentation comments for C#. Either by using existing documentation inherited from base classes or implemented interfaces, or by deducing comments from name and type of e.g. methods, properties or parameters.


KingsTools is also a nice collection of macros containing:

  • Run Doxygen
  • Insert Doxygen comments
  • Build Solution stats
  • Dependency Graph
  • Inheritance Graph
  • Swap .h<->.cpp
  • Colorize
  • } End of
  • region/#endregion for c++

  • Search the web

Guidance Explorer

Guidance packages integrate into VS as Snippets, projects, and project templates. They provide a way to collect and reuse patterns, code, and How To answers. You can create guidance for your team and you can download the guidance packages coming out of the Patterns and Practices group at MS.


Definitely Resharper.


Not really an addon inside VS, but one every VS use needs: Code Preview Handler Provides a preview handler with syntax highlighting for source files. The handler works in the Explorer preview pane and in the preview tab for attachments in Outlook.


Source Monitor code analysis tool

Direct download link


Resharper. It's the best productivity tool for any software engineer! TestDriven.Net is pretty good too. and GhostDoc.


VLINQ LINQPad is essential, but for quick stuff inside VS, VLINQ is great.


Source Code Outliner Nice alternate view of your source files. It's the outliner from the code pane, but without all the code getting in the way of the structure.

  • "GhostDoc - Free" No It isnt its Nagware and requires registration and submital of info for marketing – David Jun 12 at 10:38
  • Fair point. In fairness, earlier versions were more "free" than the latest version. IIRC they even published the source code at one time. – Kramii Jun 14 at 9:06

If vi/vim editing is your thang:

ViEmu for Visual Studio

If you want color-coded control-flow syntax-highlighting and graphical outlines:


I'm the developer of these commercial tools.


Here is my list:


For C# development I use:

  • ReSharper, heavily customized and with a couple dozen custom actions I wrote (not to mention weird but wonderful Live Templates)
  • GhostDoc - very useful for postprocessing of generated code
  • Source Code Outliner
  • P/factor (a set of internally developed code gen tools for VS) - see example here
  • CodeGenUtils - another internal dev for code generation, available on CodePlex
  • SharpWizard - a VS add-in for rapid prototyping. Supports advanced generation of interface support, operators, patterns, metadata.
  • Dependency Analyser - a really nifty tool (another internal dev.) for identifying dependencies between CLR properties. Useful for autogenerating change notifications based on dependency graphs.

In addition to these, I also have a couple of DSL graphical designers for the particularly difficult scenarios - for example, I have a DSL for complex multithreaded operations that are implemented using Pulse & Wait.


I don't fancy the Visual Studio bookmarks so I use DPACK to get the same kind of bookmarks as the Delph IDE provides.



My favorite would be the one I work on - Goanna. :)


C/C++ static analysis - it helps find bugs.


Here a few I didn't find (or spot) mentioned:

  • ASPXEditHelper (a must have for ASP.NET devs)
  • MouseGestures
  • CodeKeep
  • Git Extensions

Someone mentioned SQL Prompt so I'll add SQL Assistant (similar price, but does a lot more)

Very few people mentioned DPack which is free and absolutely awesome.

Also, really get ReSharper or something similar (it will pay many times over). Bare VS just does not "compare" ;-)

Enjoy your coding!


Build Version Increment (GPL) gives you (nearly) everything you need for controlling the version of your assemblies.

Some Features (copied from the site):

  • Different auto increment styles can be set per major, minor, build or revision number.
  • Supports C#, VB.NET and C++.NET projects.
  • Not required to be installed by all project members. Configuration is shared via properties in the solution and project files. Developers who don't have the addin won't feel a thing.
  • Automatically checks out required files if under source control.
  • Can be configured per solution and/or per project.
  • Can be configured to update only on certain configuration builds (debug, release, any or custom)
  • Can update assembly attributes in an external source file instead of the default AssemblyInfo.
  • Resharper (Agree it sucks you have to pay extra to get this, but well work the money)
  • GhostDoc (Takes away any excuse for not having comments in your code)

  • PowerCommands for VS 2008 (Forgot I even had this installed because it just adds a the little things that should have been there all along)

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