What is the logic behind the names in-order, pre-order and post-order? Why are they called like that?

  • In-order. Why the word "in", what is it "in"?

  • Pre-order. "Pre", means "previous", but previous what?

  • Post-order. "Post" means "after", but after what?

I know that there are previous threads asking how one traverses a tree using these orders and such. NOTE THAT THAT IS NOT WHAT I'M ASKING HERE SO IT'S NOT A DUPLICATE QUESTION. I'm asking what is the meaning of the names. Why are they called like they are called.


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To my understanding, the terminology refers to the position where the root node of the argument is processed. Let r be the root of a binary tree with left subtree A and right subtree B. For inorder, the sequence of processing is ArB, for preorder it is rAB and for postorder it is ABr.

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