I wrote some code to generate an .xml file that contains the RGB data from a Mat file in OpenCV. I would like to recreate this image in MATLAB from the data points in the xml file. I am however unsure of the formatting of the xml file, since when I open it it looks something like this:

<?xml version="1.0?>
<myMatrix type_id="opencv-matrix">
      97 101 97 98 99 97 ...
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you can convert it to matlab format within opencv.

read it in using the Filestorage:

Mat m;
Filestorage fs("m.xml", Filestorage::READ);
fs["myMatrix"] >> m;

then print it out (or write to a file) in matlab format:

// 2.4 version
cerr << format(m,"MATLAB") << endl;
// 3.0 version
cerr << format(m,cv::Formatter::FMT_MATLAB) << endl;

Get a xml to struct converter such as the following:


this will allow you to convert the data into a struct, then you can simply reshape your data:

pic = reshape(struct.data, struct.rows, struct.cols)

Note: This isn't out of the box code.

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