I am trying to generate the ER diagram using Mysql workbench in ubuntu.

The database contains 755 Tables

And the Error message

Too many objects are selected for auto placement. Select fewer elements to create the EER diagram.

Is there any possibility to avoid this error and continue to create Reverse Engineering for all the 755 tables at one shot

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Workbench emits that "Resource Warning" error and then deselects the "Place imported objects on a diagram" option for you. Execute it again (click "Execute") without that option to execute the Reverse Engineering wizard. Then, create a new EER diagram, select all tables (objects) using the "Catalog" tab on the left pane, and then drag them onto the EER diagram canvas. This will take a few minutes or so to execute. When finished, optionally select "Autolayout" from the "Arrange" navigation menu and then wait another few minutes.

I just tested this with 2000 tables and it works.

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    Do you know how to auto arrange tables? Menu/Arrange/Autolayout arranges it, but anyway there are many tables located over other ones. Sep 10, 2015 at 0:21
  • @Philip Olson, Yes its worked for me, but tables are located over other ones , suggest me how to arrange line by rows. Mar 17, 2017 at 5:37
  • @Philip Olson Same issue tables are arranged over the other tables. is there a way to increase the cardboard size, on which we are generating a diagram. Mar 1, 2018 at 9:31

By following the @Philip Olson Instruction it resolves my problem, the tables are overlapping due to a large number of tables available in the database with relationships.

I came up with the soliton to tackle this problem :

1 - Click on Database > Reverse Engineer

enter image description here

2 - Fillup the connection info > Click on Next

enter image description here

3 - I should complete the all three execution as shown in the below snapshot: Click on Next

enter image description here

4 - Select your database and click on Next

enter image description here

5 - It should again complete the all execution as shown in the snap shot if passed click on Next

enter image description here

6 - On the next screen on Select Object to Reverse Engineer uncheck Place imported objects on a diagram if you have large number tables present in your database as shown in the below screen shot and then click on next. Then next screen should satisfy only first parameter.

enter image description here

7 - Go to EER Diagram Tab, On the left side you will see a tab call Catalog Tree. Select your database, open a tables tranche, select all the tables present under the respective database, and drag and drop on the right hand side diagram board. Now doing this it will create a diagram cluttered like your tables will overlapped on to the another table.

enter image description here

8 - Now go to the Model > Diagram Properties and Size > Select the size of the Diagram from the bottom. As shown in the snap shot below.

enter image description here

9 - Now go to the Arrange menu click on Auto Layout TADA. Your EER Diagram with proper alignment is ready for you.

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