I'm trying to inject an object of a given type (Greeter) on an EJB running inside Wildfly 8.2. However, the deployment always fails with the message

Unsatisfied dependencies for type Greeter with qualifiers @Default

I tried to annotate both the GreeterImpl and the injection point with @Default but that didn't also work. Am I missing something here?

My Greeter interface:

public interface Greeter {
    public void sayHi();

My GreeterImpl class (the only one that implements Greeter):

public class GreeterImpl implements Greeter {
    private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(GreeterImpl.class);

    public void sayHi() {

My ScheduledGreeter EJB:

public class ScheduledGreeter {
    private Greeter greeter;

    @Schedule(second = "*/15", minute = "*", hour = "*")
    public void sayHi() {

Am I missing something about CDI here? Do I need a beans.xml at META-INF for this to work?

Edit: I'm deploying this as war to Wildfly, if that even matters.


In Java EE 7, the default scanning for JARs/WARs is annotated, meaning that if you don't have a beans.xml that specifies the scan mode, it will default to annotated based scanning.

Your class, GreeterImpl has no bean defining annotations on it - no scopes particularly. You can override this by adding a beans.xml or by adding @Dependent (or other scope) to your GreeterImpl

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