I have a dataset structured with 5 columns. Month, User, Num1, Num2, Num3.

I'm trying to calculate, for each Num1 Num2 and Num3, the mean, median, max, 25th and 75th percentile for each permutation of Month and User.

I have tried proc univariate but I can't do it without creating a macro and manual steps for each Month and User permutation.

My ideal output would then look like this, and separate outputs for Num1 Num2 Num3: http://i.imgur.com/YC67LV1.png


  • Please show the code you have tried and provide sample input data, and what the desired output should look like. – Robert Penridge Dec 30 '14 at 15:49

PROC Means does what you want.

Here is an example with the SASHELP.SHOES example dataset.

ods html;
proc means data=sashelp.shoes mean median max p25 p75;
   class region product;
   var sales inventory returns;
ods html close;

Have you tried the PROC MEANS ?


Or can you give a sample input data so I can try to recreate the result?

proc sort data = mydata;
 by month user;

proc univariate data = mydata;
 by month user;
 var num1 num2 num3;

You can probably refine this to get only the exact statistics you want using either ODS SELECT or OUTPUT

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