I am making a 2D shooting game on Javafx 8 and I would like to be able to make the cursor invisible so that I can replace it with crosshairs.

Is there anyway to make the mouse cursor invisible when it is on the scene?

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To change your cursor, you'd use the scene.setCursor(String) method.

To change image

Using a reference to your current scene, pass in Cursor.cursor("url") to setCursor:


To remove the cursor

Using a reference to your current scene, pass in Cursor.NONE to setCursor:


You also might be interested in the Cursor.CROSSHAIR value

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    Thank you so much! That was indeed much simpler than I thought, AND there's a method to change the image, which makes everything even simpler. Dec 31, 2014 at 22:39

In addition to Vince's response, you can use FXML to make the cursor disappear over a specific control or layout, e.g.:

<?import javafx.scene.Cursor?>
<?import javafx.scene.layout.Pane?>
<Pane ...>
        <Cursor fx:constant="NONE"/>

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