I have a string which I have stored in a variable called OriginalURL. Its basically like this:

<cfset OriginalURL = StructFind(GetHttpRequestData().headers, 'X-Original-URL')/>

All its doing is checking what the URL is in the browser and storing that as the value. A typical value would be something like website.com/make/volvo/model/xc90?Page=2

What I want to do is extract everything start from the left of the string up until it reaches the first ? question mark. So it would extract just this part website.com/make/volvo/model/xc90

I'm not sure how to do a Left() statement using Regex so that it only matches up to the first question mark.

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    Psst... think list functions. A CF "list" is just a string delimited by an arbitrary character(s).
    – Leigh
    Commented Dec 31, 2014 at 0:46

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The very quick and simple answer to this is to just use the list functions with a delimiter, as there can be only one.


Will give you everything before the ?


Will get you everything after the ?


ListFirst() is probably the easiest way of doing this. But if you want to use a regular expression then you might try the following

REReplace(OriginalURL, "\?.*$", "")

which will replace the question mark and everything following it with nothing. You could also use REMatch() as follows:

REMatch("^[^\?]*", OriginalURL)[1]

(REMatch() returns an array so in this case we want to get the first element of that array.)

Hope this helps.

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