I've got gitflow installed in my directory where my github project is.
However, when I try to start with the command "git flow init", I get the following error messages:

git flow init
C:/cygwin64/usr/local/bin/gitflow-shFlags: line 1: shFlags/src/shflags: No such file or directory
C:\cygwin64\usr\local\bin\git-flow: line 85: DEFINE_boolean: command not found
C:\cygwin64\usr\local\bin\git-flow: line 88: FLAGS: command not found
fatal: 'flow' appears to be a git command, but we were not
able to execute it. Maybe git-flow is broken?

Any ideas of what I should do to fix this?

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The issue 190 reports a similar problem, and suggests to restore the shFlags/src/shflags file yourself, using src/shflags.

That file needs to be restored in order for the git-flow call to gitflow-shFlags to succeed:

. "$GITFLOW_DIR/gitflow-shFlags"

With gitflow-shFlags:


I had a problem like this! I've solved changing line 83 of git-flow file:

#use the shFlags project to parse the command line arguments . "$GITFLOW_DIR/gitflow-shFlags"

to the value of gitflow-shFlags

# use the shFlags project to parse the command line arguments . "$GITFLOW_DIR/shFlags/src/shflags"

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