I am trying to run the JAR "buildtools.jar" but a message keeps popping up:

The Java JAR file "BuildTools.jar" could not be launched.

in smaller writing underneath:

Check the Console for possible error messages.

The console says

12/31/14 10:19:44.021 AM WindowServer[113]: _CGXGetWindowMovementGroup: Operation on a window 0x14 requiring rights 0x5 by caller Dashboard or 12/31/14 10:19:44.021 AM DashboardClient[2747]: _NXMoveWindow: error moving window (1000) 

every time I try to open the jar thing up. I know that my Java is updated because I updated before trying anything with this.
I am trying to create a minecraft server with spigot and if you have a step by step process or any hinters about please tell me but my main focus is opening up the jar.


Unfortunately this isn't the very right place to ask this question. You can ask this question at the Spigot Forums.

Are you using the very latest version of BuildTools? You seem like running on MacOS. You may need to run it with this flag, -Dmac.supported=true(refer to this post). Also, The Java JAR file "BuildTools.jar" could not be launched. most likely, you have a broken Jar file. Try to re-download it from {1}(I need 10 population to post more than 2 links). You will also need JDK(Java Development Kits) but I think it is came by default in MacOS and Git {2}. After you've installed all required things, you can run the BuildTools from Terminal by java -Dmac.supported=true -jar BuildTools.jar You need to wait few minutes for it to be finished.


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