I'm able to log in with hello.js as well as get the user data (/me) and albums (/me/albums), but I haven't data from the /share endpoint.


  facebook : 'SECRET'
}, {scope: 'friends,photos' });

hello.on('auth.login', function(auth){

  hello( auth.network ).api( '/me' ).then( function(r){
    console.log("User data is: ");

  hello( auth.network ).api( '/me/share' ).then( function(r){
    console.log("Share data is: ");
    console.log("ERROR: "+e);

This results in:

User data is: 
Object {first_name: "Lucy"} (edited to save space)
Share data is: 
Object {data: Array[0]}

So I was able to successfully log in with hello.js, but not to access the share data. Is there something I'm missing in my code? Do I need to update permissions somewhere?

FB says that asking for the public profile only makes the following available:

  • Your name, user id, username, profile picture, gender and network in order to identify you
  • Your age range, language and country in order to personalize the experience

So I'd expect that I'd need to ask permissions to view a user's status. But there doesn't seem to be anything in the hello.js permissions docs to clarify.

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Facebook needs to whitelist your application before you can retrieve me/status or me/feed results.

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