Is there any way that we can extract entity-verb relations from already existing online KBs like Freebase, DBPedia, Wikidata or Wordnet, I checked and only found that these sources concentrate on entities.

My aim is to derive relations like "A Person can Eat", "A Car can move", "A Man can play football".


You might want to look into resources like these:


ConceptNet is one of the source, this link shows all the concepts or facts related to football. These facts can be accessed by the API provided by conceptNet. Here is the link. It provides three APIs - Lookup, search and association. Its a good source which is easy to use. You can configure it locally too.

Opencyc is also good resource. It can be set up locally too. They provide its download, onto this link. From both of these, I found ConceptNet more well maintained.

there is one more resource called Probase. it can be used as common sense knowledge base, but I have not tried to configure it. I hope it helps :)

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