I'm trying to make a simple jersey rest client for google search api.

Client client = ClientBuilder.newClient();
WebTarget target = client.target("https://www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1");
target.queryParam("q", "mobile");
Response response = target.request().get();

As you've noticed I haven't included key and cx. Don't worry about that, it's just a simple demo. When visiting the url https://www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1?q=mobile, the response is

 "error": {
  "errors": [
    "domain": "usageLimits",
    "reason": "dailyLimitExceededUnreg",
    "message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup.",
    "extendedHelp": "https://code.google.com/apis/console"
  "code": 403,
  "message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup."

Which is correct since I haven't included key and cx. When I execute the code above, the response I'm getting is

 "error": {
  "errors": [
    "domain": "global",
    "reason": "required",
    "message": "Required parameter: q",
    "locationType": "parameter",
    "location": "q"
  "code": 400,
  "message": "Required parameter: q"

Which is equivalent of visiting the url without any parameters (https://www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1), although I've added this target.queryParam("q", "mobile");. Am I doing something wrong?

The code above belongs to a mavenized project and the dependency is


chain the call

Response response= client.target("https://www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1")
.queryParam("q", "mobile").request().get();

from the docs:

Returns:A new target instance.

Note :- If not chaining then get newly created webtarget instance and use it.

WebTarget webTarget = client.target(snapshotGeneratorUrl);
webTarget = webTarget.queryParam("foo","foo").queryParam("bar",bar);
Response response = webTarget.request().get();
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    I didn't notice that it will create a new instance. I thought it returns the same instance only so it can be used for chaining. Thanks man. Jan 1 '15 at 15:32
  • @alkis I thought the same. Chaining it fixed my problem too.
    – Aebsubis
    Mar 13 '17 at 11:01

You can use UriBuilder instead, and provide the uriBuilder instance as the client.target

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