How can you override your own vendor/bundle controller or view from another bundle?

Symfony has a default way of overriding third party vendor bundles by adding files in your own app or src directory, e.g. app/Resources/AcmeBlogBundle/views/Blog/index.html.twig or src/Acme/BlogBundle/Resources/views/Blog/index.html.twig.

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But I have my own custom core vendor bundles in the src directory (e.g. src/Gutensite/CmsBundle) and I need to override controllers, views (twig) and resources (images, css) in template specific bundles that should take precedence whenever they need to alter the default behavior of the platform for a specific design (e.g. src/Templates/LunarBundle/).

Views and Resources

Lunar Dashboard

So to overwrite the CmsBundle view in my Lunar template, I may put files here:


If I make my own dash.html.twig template I could reference the files locally, e.g.

{% stylesheets '@TemplatesAdminBundle/Resources/GutensiteCmsBundle/public/css/dash.css' %}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ asset_url }}">
{% endstylesheets %}

But if I only added a custom image or css, the original Gutensite\CmsBundle\Resources\views\dash.html.twig template would find the custom css in my TemplatesLunarBundle when it was referenced as:

{% stylesheets '@GutensiteCmsBundle/Resources/public/css/dash.css' %}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ asset_url }}">
{% endstylesheets %}

But Symfony default behavior doesn't allow you to override your own bundles from your own bundles. So how do you do this?


I need the same overriding capabilities for controllers. One template bundle (e.g. Templates\LunarBundle may need to overwrite a lot of different core vendor bundles (e.g. Gutensite\CmsBundle\Controllers\DashController.php and Gutensite\ArticleBundle\Controllers\ArticleController.php). So this method to reference the "parent" wouldn't work, since that's designed for OneToOne bundle overriding.

Currently the only method I know of is to tell Symfony to find alternative files in the same namespace, e.g. in my primary controller I register the namespace Gutensite to alternative locations.

$loader = $GLOBALS['loader'];
// path to the user's current template
$loader->add('Gutensite',   $template->getPath().'/src', true);
// path to the user's custom client files
$loader->add('Gutensite',   \Gutensite\PATH_CLIENT.'/src', true);

And then I would put my custom controllers in a directory like this in my template:


This works, but I'd like feedback on potential problems or better solutions.

  • I need exactly the same capabilities.. Would be great if you share your approaches if you get any more.. Ty – Micronax Jan 12 '15 at 15:03
  • will appreciate if you can share the solution – Baig Nov 2 '15 at 12:19
  • no solution found yet... – Chadwick Meyer Nov 2 '15 at 17:58

Maybe this is something for you: https://github.com/liip/LiipThemeBundle

This bundle provides you the possibility to add themes to each bundle. In your bundle directory it will look under Resources/themes/ or fall back to the normal Resources/views if no matching file was found.

Especially see the configuration for Theme Cascading Order

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