I work with cucumber for some time now, and now I want to migrate test suite usage to gradle from maven.

I managed to prepare the project covering the basic usage, running tests, having the results etc. The last piece I am missing is ability to only run the tests filtered on specific tag. Running acceptance tests is done with product flavor:

productFlavors {
    uats {
        testInstrumentationRunner "com.paddy.cuespton.cuespton.test.Instrumentation"

    full {
        applicationId "com.paddy.app.cuespton"
        versionName "1.0"

Which enables me to run tests with task:

./gradlew connectedAndroidTestUatsDebug

Is is possible to add param with tag to this task to run specific tests only?

I tried to use https://github.com/samueltbrown/gradle-cucumber-plugin/ plugin which should in theory solve this issue, but I cannot get it running with Android due to language incompatibility.

Here is repo on which I am working, https://github.com/paddyzab/espresso-cucumber-sandbox.

Thanks for help!


Didn't try this cucumber-plugin but assuming that we have similar setup you can do the following (sample repo):

1) define corresponding buildConfigField for the uats flavor:

Uats {
        testInstrumentationRunner "com.quandoo.gradletestpoc.test.Instrumentation"

        // passing instrumentation parameters
        buildConfigField "String", "TAGS", "\"${getTagsProperty()}\""

2) define getTagsProperty() method:

 def getTagsProperty() {
     return project.hasProperty("tags") ? project.getProperties().get("tags") : ""

3) Handle passed tag in onCreate() method of your custom instrumentation class:

private static final String TAGS_KEY = "tags";
public void onCreate(final Bundle bundle) {

    // Reading runner params
    String tags = BuildConfig.TAGS;
    if (!tags.isEmpty()) {
        bundle.putString(TAGS_KEY, tags);


4) Run

./gradlew connectedAndroidTestUatsDebug -Ptags="@bar"


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