I'm using Android Studio 1.0.2 and can't find the way to clear logcat output before each Run/Debug.

Is there any Gradle task (similar to adb logcat -c) that I can create a Run/Debug configuration for in order to clear output? Or is there simpler way to clear the logcat?

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This can be customized for each existing run configuration you have defined. Instructions for enabling this feature are given below:

Android Studio 1.4 and later

Check the checkbox located at:

Run -> Edit configurations... -> Miscellaneous tab -> "Clear log before launch"

Android Studio 1.3 and earlier

Check the checkbox located at:

Run -> Edit configurations... -> Logcat tab -> "Clear Log before launch"


In Run menu select Edit Configuration select your App configuration and in Log Cat tab check Clear log before launch.


Android Studio 2.0: Run --> Edit configuration --> Select your app --> Miscellaneous --> Clear Log before launch

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