This should be a stupid question, but I can't for the life of me find any explanation of this.

In Nuget there are two packages that looks like the main-packages: AngularJS Core and Angular JS. The former have The AngularJS Team as authors, just like the rest of the other angular modules, and ~200k downloads. The later have different authors Fitzchak Yizcaki, Dov Landau not seen anywhere else, and the id of the package is not in the same format as the other packages but this has ~350k downloads.

Now, by looking at the dependencies on the other packages, we see that they refer to AngularJS.Core so we now that this is what we want. I assume.

But what is the other package, and why does is almost have twice the downloads?


It turns out that Angular JS package is the original main package, and that all these other modules including AngularJS Core are the result of an initiative to partition the angular framework.

Darn confusing start when one is about to get his hands dirty, some explanation about this in the description of the packages would be nice.


Late to the party here, but I'm sure this will benefit someone in the future:

enter image description here

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