I've setup a kubernetes three node cluster using: Fedora 21


I created the below pod:


Running kubectl get minions shows:

NAME                LABELS           <none>            <none>

I run kubectl create -f podfile.json

Running kubectl get pod nginxphp shows:

NAME                IMAGE(S)              HOST                LABELS              STATUS
nginxphp            million12/nginx-php          name=nginxphp       Pending

Running kubectl get events shows:

NAME                KIND                STATUS              REASON              MESSAGE
nginxphp            Pod                 Pending             scheduled              Successfully assigned nginxphp to

The status never gets beyond "Pending"

What are the next steps to resolve this?

  • It looks like the pod was scheduled, but never picked up by the minion. Can you include the contents of /var/log/kubelet.log from the kubelet with the IP? The Kubernetes Debugging FAQ may be able to help as well.
    – CJ Cullen
    Commented Jan 6, 2015 at 19:29
  • Log Output: dpaste.com/3XDHC4K Commented Jan 9, 2015 at 5:13

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Check the first entry here; I suspect your kubelet and apiserver disagree about what your kubelet is called.


  • This link is obsolete
    – rü-
    Commented Jan 30, 2018 at 7:50

I stumbled upon the solution.

    | Name      | Status | Networks                       |
    | kub001    | ACTIVE | private=, |
    | minion001 | ACTIVE | private=, |
    | minion002 | ACTIVE | private=, |

On the master, in /etc/kubernetes/controller-manager, I have:


On minion002, in /etc/kubernetes/kubelet, I have:


As long as the above two match, everything is happy, well almost.

The hostnames are bound to the floating external addresses, but cluster traffic is on the internal, private network and that is why hostname_override is needed.

It runs, but it still shows as pending on the master when I do kubectl get events, I call that progress.

NAME                KIND                STATUS              REASON              
nginxphp            Pod                 Pending             scheduled 
nginxphp            Pod                 Pending             scheduled 

I don't know how to clear out the events from previous attempts, but its working... I think.

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