I want to implement long polling in Jersey. I have a resource for sending messages(messages.send) and another for long polling(messages.longpoll). I suspend async request in messages.longpoll, but can't realize how it can be notified that new message was added, since this happens in another resource - messages.send.

  • Can you post your code?
    – tonga
    Jan 5, 2015 at 2:08

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If you're not tied to pre-HTML5 technologies then you can try to accomplish your task with SSE (Server-Sent Events, see Wiki). Jersey has a support for SSE, take a look at the dedicated chapter: Server-Sent Events (SSE) Support. There are also some examples available:

Then your resource may look like:

public class MessageBoardResource {

    private static SseBroadcaster broadcaster = new SseBroadcaster();

    @GET @Path(“stream”)
    public EventOutput connect() {

        EventOutput eventOutput = new EventOutput();
        return eventOutput;


    public Response postMessage(Message message) {

        OutboundEvent event = new OutboundEvent.Builder()
                .data(Message.class, message)

        broadcaster.broadcast(event); // invokes eventOutput.write(event);

        return Response.ok().build();

Client, that want to listen to future messages, then connects via MessageBoardResource#connect method (HTTP GET call to messages/stream). Other clients can post messages via MessageBoardResource#postMessage method (HTTP POST call to messages). The message is then broadcasted to all connected clients.

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