I have one column for comment and I need to show this for one report. Here what happen some time, users uses multiple enters in comment box. I can not access code part I need to manage this thing in SQL only.

So I have removed unwanted

1 /r/n 
2 /n/n

from using

REPLACE(REPLACE(Desc, CHAR(13)+CHAR(10), CHAR(10)),CHAR(10)+CHAR(10), CHAR(10)) as Desc,

Now I want to remove any \r or \n from starting or ending of the string if any


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By the way you meant in your question:(Remove char(10) or char(13) from specific string)
Note: You should see the output result by switching your resultset output to Results to Text(Ctrl+T).

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  • Yes this is useful but What exactly i wanted is to omit char(10) or char(13) from specific string from starting of string or ending of string only. We can not remove all char(10) or char(13) . For Example " ABCXYZ " Consider here before ABC we have char(10) or char(13) then only we need to replace it. same WAY if it's at end of the string after XYZ then only we need to perform replace for char(10) or char(13) . Jan 6, 2015 at 7:49

Use TRIM check here

Example : UPDATE tablename SET descriptions = TRIM(TRAILING "<br>" FROM descriptions) if you want to replace newline then use something like below

SELECT REPLACE(REPLACE(@str, CHAR(13), ''), CHAR(10), '')


DECLARE @testString varchar(255)
set @testString = 'MY STRING      '

 /*Select the string and try to copy and paste into notepad and tab is still there*/
SELECT testString = @testString 

/*Ok, it seems easy, let's try to trim this. Huh, it doesn't work, the same result here.*/
SELECT testStringTrim = RTRIM(@testString) 

/*Let's try to get the size*/
SELECT LenOfTestString = LEN(@testString) 

/*This supposed to give us string together with blank space, but not for tab though*/
SELECT DataLengthOfString= DATALENGTH(@testString)


/*I always use this like a final solution*/
SET @testString = REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(@testString, CHAR(9), ''), CHAR(10), ''), CHAR(13), '') SELECT @testString   

CHAR(9)       - Tab
CHAR(10) - New Line
CHAR(13) - Carriage Return


  • I want for MS SQL. And this will remove the white space not new line like /n /r (char(10) or char (13)) Jan 5, 2015 at 8:01
select dbo.trim('abc','c') -- ab
select dbo.trim('abc','a') -- bc
select dbo.trim(' b ',' ') -- b

enter image description here
Create a user-define-function: trim()

  • trim from both sides
  • trim any letter: space, \r, \n, etc
  • Create FUNCTION Trim
        @Original varchar(max), @letter char(1)
    RETURNS varchar(max)
        DECLARE @rtrim varchar(max)
        SELECT @rtrim = iif(right(@original, 1) = @letter, left(@original,datalength(@original)-1), @original)
        return iif( left(@rtrim,1) =  @letter, right(@rtrim,datalength(@rtrim)-1),@rtrim)

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